What Is a Site Surveyor?

Before a construction project can be carried out, it’s important to get a survey of the site to validate the initial requirements. This is done by a site surveyor. There are many types of surveys, and larger, more complex projects might require multiple ones in order to get the green light for their implementation.

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Site surveyors might work directly with your construction team or they could be independent specialists hired specifically for that project. In any case, it’s important to ensure that there is a clear line of communication between the site surveyors and any other contractors working on the project.

What does a site surveyor do?

A site surveyor assesses a construction site in different aspects. They usually start by walking around the property and performing simple, manual evaluations. After that, the surveyor will recommend specific types of surveys depending on the type of the construction project.

You might need to perform specific geological surveys, transportation surveys, or even air quality surveys for some projects. If you’re building close to a historic site, there is a specific survey for that as well.

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Some sites may also require a survey for unexploded bombs. This depends on the location of the construction site and how deep you’re planning to dig during the project.

You may need to work with multiple site surveyors to cover all these bases properly. Usually, a general site surveyor will be able to recommend specialists for different types of advanced surveys as they identify the need for them.


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