How long do planning applications take

Planning permission approval can take anywhere between eight to 16 weeks. The nature of the project determines how soon the planning permission is granted.

Average home extensions and loft conversions take eight weeks, and more extensive or controversial permissions take 13 weeks. Projects that might need further planning application because of environmental impact assessment take 16 weeks.

If the proposed extension is not covered under the permitted development rights, planning permission will be necessary. However, if it does, you only need the lawful development certificate.

You should check with your local authorities to determine whether your project falls under permitted development rights.

How long does it take to assess planning applications

It takes approximately eight weeks for planning officers to assess a planning application. The planning application needs to be assessed internally and externally. Each assessment takes approximately four weeks.

The first part of the process is the external review in which other entities such as your neighbours and utility companies are given a chance to assess the application. These individuals or companies can leave comments, approve or deny your application.

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The planning officer can put their views into consideration or ignore them when assessing your application.

An internal assessment involves your planning application being viewed by a planning officer. Here, the officer will assess the area and determine whether the development will be a good fit and leave comments.

The officer will then review the assessment with other officers who will also leave comments. The officer will then make a final decision after reviewing everything and all the comments.

This decision will determine whether your planning application will be denied or allowed. If it’s denied and you don’t agree with the reasons, you can always submit an appeal. This can take up to 13 weeks for a final decision.

dining room with a skylight

What should I do if my planning permission is rejected

The planning authority can reject your application for several reasons:

  • If the previous owner of your property had extended the house anytime after 1948
  • If the existing property is in a conservation area.
  • If the property is a flat.
  • Your property is substantial.

If your application has been rejected and you feel like it was unnecessary, you can submit an appeal to the planning inspectorate to review your application.

The planning inspector starts a whole new planning process of reviewing your application. The whole process determines whether the initial decision made by the planning committee is suitable or not.

front house extension with bricks

How long does outline planning permission last?

The planning permission approval is valid for three to five years after approval.

How long does permitted development take?

Planning development timescales varies with the date the application was submitted. However, the statutory period is eight to sixteen weeks before its decided. If you feel like it’s taking too long, it is probably because of the disruption that was brought about by the lockdown.

It is vital to get professional advice before you decide on your project. Contact a professional who will do a site visit to give you pre-application advice before your planning decision.


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